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The Perfect Place has been in business for over 30 years. We are a small family owned and operated local company. We were the first corporate housing company in South Florida and still standing. We are available 24/7.

South Florida is such a booming town with big business, tourism, home displacement, relocation, business travelers ect…we are constantly growing. We saw the need for short term corporate housing, but very hard to find.

So we created partnerships with top apartment complexes throughout Broward and Palm Beach County. Most properties have anywhere from 250-400 apartments. Most complexes have tons of amenities. Our complexes are centrally located to restaurants, shopping, and highways.

We started off slowly making our mark as one of the very first companies of our kind, to fill this need. While visiting family on the West Coast back in 1992. We got the news of the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. We had to hurry back home to South Florida as our phones were ringing off of the hook from people being displaced from their homes due to the horrific damage that a hurricane can do. The need for temporary (turnkey) housing was a huge help to these families. We are happy to help anyone who needs a furnished apartment for short/long period of time, and to take some of the stress of relocating away.