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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short-term rental or corporate rental?
Renting a furnished apartment on a temporary basis as an alternative to a hotel. Short term rentals or corporate housing typically lower than a hotel, with a much homier feel.

What is included in short term rental or corporate housing?
Everything from furniture, housewares, and utilities are included to make your stay an easy transition. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

What is the minimum stay?
Our minimum stay is currently 30 days (1 month).

Who do I pay the monthly rent to?
The Perfect Place will send a monthly invoice either to an individual or company. The payment is mailed to us, and we make the payment to the property.

Why use a service provider to find short term housing?
We take the stress out of finding an apartment for a shorter period of time and create a total turnkey apartment for you.

What rentals do you have available?
We have apartment complexes in all different locations with tons of amenities. Centrally located to highways, restaurants, and shopping, you decide what works best to suite your needs while we provide you options.